Wednesday, August 27, 2014

United States: Ready to Lead?

United States: Ready to Lead?

As customary in recent history, much of the world is paused, waiting and anxiously seeking any sign that the United States knows any better and is thus poised to inspire internationally with relative confidence and unanimity. Instead we are mired in domestic squabbles (Republicans, Democrats, Tea Party, 99%ers) making forced choices between fractious monied interests beating their own chests, sore losers crying "foul," and/or just plain real people feelin' victimized (real or imagined);  preventing the U.S. from expressing itself with a unified voice out and thus encouraging others to do the same.

When the United States decides to pave the way; not necessarily with an overwhelming majority but with a pluralism that celebrates our long standing reputation as a beacon for the greater good (Listen to song entitled: "The Greater Good") - only then will the world grow more assured that they too can "get it together." Sure it seems simplistic and the details are always daunting. But the reality is - when we are once again ready to lead by example; then the tone will be set for others to follow.

A Reprint of Relevance

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Close Your Eyes

Indulge me for a minute. Let's summon up the innocent imaginary fun of early childhood - close your eyes.  Shut them tight and try to think; concentrate on your vision of the United States 15-25 years from now.

Do you see energized people reinvigorated through skills learned in modernized, revamped schools with targeted and specialized curriculum made relevant with a keen eye to what is firing up emerging global markets? Or will we be devastated by the results of short-sighted thinking; with our eyes focused exclusively on the "bottom line" without any fiscal allowance for the funding of better educated and equipped workers (union and non-union/public and private) leading the way in twenty-first century business and  commerce. Will our future be dictated by stubborn intractable squabbles or can we  pull our resources as we have so many times in the past and rely on the power of people together?

Imagine our cities, suburbs and rural areas transformed with modernized power grids, energy sources
and infrastructure;  gleaming with new and or reinforced public roads, bridges, tunnels, schools, hospitals and modes of transportation . Or will we be hopelessly saddled with dilapidated, corroded structures and buildings way beyond repair - unable to be rebuilt and/or resuscitated as a result of  our own unwillingness to act in a timely fashion? You know - it's the budget baby.

With our eyes wide open we unflinchingly point to the digits on paper as if there is no way to grow out of  our financial predicament other than to slash and burn immediately (think Wisconsin state government coming soon to a theatre near you). Without missing a beat we refuse to remember and acknowledge that the United States has always been tempted to bend to the will of lobbyists, loyalists,war mongers and Wall Street; but what of the great middle - those of us whose interests lie somewhere in between?

When we're fully awake and conscious I believe we'll recognize the need to not leave the remnants of our country, culture and its proud heritage in disarray because we were "too concerned" about what we were leaving the children (debt and taxes). Let us see to it that as a result of our overzealousness to correct deficit figures we don't leave future generations a legacy of an abject lack of hope.

Okay playtime is over. Now don't you think it's time for us to open our eyes ?